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Best Camera 2017: 14 best cameras you can buy


Panasonic GX800

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Reviewed by Amy Davies

05 January 2017

Panasonic GX800

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Friendly and easy-to-use compact system camera

Key features

  • Ultra-compact body
  • 4K video
  • Selfie-friendly 180-degree flip screen

The Panasonic GX800 is a great camera to buy if you want something simple that will still take great photos. It’s Panasonic’s entry-level compact system camera, and chooses to shed a few pro-pleasing features in order to keep the thing small. The body will even fit in some pockets, although you’ll need to pair it with a pretty petite pancake lens if that’s your aim.

This camera doesn’t have a viewfinder, just a screen that flips all the way over to let you take ultra-high-quality selfies without shooting blind.

Don’t confuse this for any sort of admission this is a toy camera, though. It has an excellent 16-megapixel Micro Four-Thirds sensor and can use the same lenses as Panasonic’s top-end compact system cameras. Consider the Panasonic GX800 seriously if you don’t want to use full manual control all the time.

It doesn’t stop you from doing so either — the options are there — it just pares down hardware controls in favour of portability. The Panasonic GX800 can also shoot 4K video.

At the time of review the Panasonic GX800 was available for £499

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