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Best Cameras 2014: 10 most popular cameras you can buy right now

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Trying to find the best camera? Should it be a Panasonic or a Canon? Whether it's a simple compact or a more professional grade DLSR for some David Bailey-style snapping, we've picked out the best cameras and most popular cameras of every type.

If you are looking for the best cameras for casual use and you don't want to fuss about settings before hitting the shutter button, a compact camera is probably the one for you.

If a pocket-friendly design is crucial but you also want the high-end features, there's also advanced compacts to take a look at. They might be chunkier, but they will give you manual settings for things like ISO settings and aperture. Increasingly even advanced compacts are very compact, too.

Bridging the gap between compact cameras and DSLRs are the Compact System Cameras. These offer mid-sized sensors to offer low-light performance and image quality often comparable with lower-end DSLRs. Expect these types of snappers to offer an excellent balance of convenience and image quality.

The big daddies of the camera world are the DSLRs. The most popular cameras among enthusiasts and professionals, DSLRs offer the greatest detail, the least noise and the fastest focusing. They’re evidence that size does matter sometimes. Larger sensors and larger, higher-quality lens glass is what the DSLR equation is all about.

Last up are the Bridge Cameras. An alternative to an DSLR, these fixed lens cameras are equipped with long zoom lenses and are larger than most compacts.

2014 has already seen a host of new cameras viying for your attention including the Panasonic Lumix GH4 the Olympus OM-D E-M10 and the Fujifilm X-T1.

So now you know the types that are out there, we've rounded up our regularly updated list of the best cameras you can buy right now.

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