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Top 10 TVs for Euro 2012


Panasonic P50ST50
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Panasonic TX-P50ST50

Originally reviewed by John Archer 11 April 2012

If the Panasonic P55VT50 mentioned earlier is too rich for your blood, a still-stellar but markedly cheaper alternative is the P50ST50. This still uses the very latest generation of Panasonic’s plasma designs, and as a result delivers much brighter, more colour-rich pictures than other recent Panasonic plasmas, without sacrificing Panasonic’s famed contrast range. Motion is nearly as immaculate as it is on the P55VT50 too, and its 3D pictures are also superb, notwithstanding a little crosstalk from time to time. This is all very good news indeed for a 50in TV costing just £1049.

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