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Top 10 iPhone Games of the Year 2016


Infinity Blade II

9 / 10

Reviewed by Andrew Williams

02 December 2011

Infinity Blade II iPhone Game

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Infinity Blade haters aren't going to be swayed by Chair Entertainment's second instalment of the series, but the rest of us have plenty of reasons to smile. Infinity Blade II is everything a sequel is meant to be - bigger, better, shinier - without the diminishing returns usually associated with glossy follow-ups.

You are Siris (no relation to Siri), and have to take on the deathless tyrants left following the demise of the God Kind - he of the first Infinity Blade. The swiping mechanic works much as it did in the first game, but it has been enriched with new strategies and roleplaying elements. You still swipe against enemy attacks to parry, hoping for a break in their defences, but now you can dual-wield weapons or ditch the shield and hold a single weapon in two hands.

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