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Top 10 iPhone Games of the Year 2016


Where's the Water iPhone Game

4 / 10

Reviewed by Andrew Williams

06 December 2011

Where's My Water iPhone Game

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An advanced physics engine is what can make a game that looks like something from the 90s feel brand new. Where's the Water is a great example of this phenomenon in action. Its cute cartoony visuals could have come from a higher-resolution Super Nintendo game, but the water physics mark it out as a modern classic. In each level, there's a waterspout and a friendly-looking alligator looking to have a bath. Your job is to fill the gator's tub with water.

Between the spout and the tub are obstacles you can't dig through, and layers of softer earth that you can. Where's the Water is about working out where you need to dig to get the croc's plumbing sorted. Its gameplay encompasses many elements of the best casual games. The water physics lends play a fluidity - geddit - that is part of what makes titles like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope so inviting.

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