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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Year 2011

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Snapseed iPhone App

Originally reviewed by 10 December 2011

It's generally acknowledged that the iPad 2's cameras are awful. They're horribly low-res, leaving still images looking grainy, lacking in detail and usually flat-out bad. Snapseed is an app that can make taking photos seem worthwhile, or at least fun. And it works wonders with the superior iPhone 4 and 4S snappers.

Snapseed is an intelligent image processing tool that lets you fix photographic blunders, such as over-exposed, off-centre, under-saturated shots, or those in need of cropping. It does a lot more besides, too. You can add a tilt shift effect, selective focusing, plenty of retro camera filters and neat effects that add drama or a grungy look to your shots.

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