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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Year 2016



7 / 10

Reviewed by Andrew Williams

08 December 2011

Procreate iPhone App

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There are a great many painting apps for iPhone and iPad, but our new pick for 2011 is Procreate. Like the best of 'em, it combines advanced features like natural brushes, layers and blending with a UI simple enough to be as compatible with casual doodling as semi-serious art-making.  

The level of brush customisation on offer here is quite staggering, and all relates to how brushes behave, and are used, in real life. There's scope to create your own thoroughly unreal brushes too, as any image can be used to make a brush grain template. This is no MS Paint. It uses an Open GL engine, to let it make full use of the processors of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 - the latest version of the app also features an "HD" canvas just for the iPad 2.

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