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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Year 2011

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Flipboard iPhone App

Originally reviewed by 05 December 2011

An issue for tablets and smartphones is that while they may be great browsing devices, most web pages aren't made with 10in or smaller screens in mind. Content rarely looks as pretty as it should. And let's be honest, most websites aren't all that pretty at the best of times. Flipboard is an example of how to make web content feel right at home on the iPad or iPhone.

It reformats articles from RSS feeds, as well as updates from Twitter and Facebook, to act as a hub for all your daily content. Its remit is to make content look and feel more as though you're reading it from a magazine, with pages that fill the screen and flip over with a neat animated transition. It's an early step towards how digital content like this may end up, but it's much better than diving into Safari for the most part.

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