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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Year 2016



2 / 10

Reviewed by Andrew Williams

01 December 2011

Djay iPad App

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As Soulwax once sang back in 1998, everybody wants to be the DJ. Everyone thinks their music taste is better than everyone else's, and few things will win you a "daggers" stare quicker than cutting someone's favourite track short at a house party.

The rather fab side effect of this wannabe culture is Djay, a virtual decks app for iPad. It provides you with two vinyl-style virtual wheels of steel, and a surprisingly comprehensive set of realistic tools to jump from one track to another. These include pitch shifting, beat matching, EQ and - of course - gain controls and a crossfader. If you're out for fun rather than a "pro" effect, you can indulge in scratching too, with intuitive swipes across the record surface.

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