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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Year 2016



10 / 10

Reviewed by Andrew Williams

12 December 2011

Korg iMS-20 iPad App

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Arguably one of the most ambitious apps available for the iPad, the Korg iMS-20 seeks to replicate Korg's classic MS-20 (plus a pair of Kaoss pads to boot) exactly. This knobs 'n' keys synthesiser was released way back in 1978, but remained popular long after because of its capacity for scrungy, dirty sounds. It's better at creating dance music than Rick Wakeman-style keyboard tomfoolery.

In its arsenal is a drum machine, synth, mixer, virtual keyboard, Kaoss pad interface, effects board and a full sequencer. The only hole we can poke in its functionality list is that the synthesiser itself is monophonic, and so can only play one note at a time - but then so was the MS-20 so we can hardly blame the app for that.

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