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Top 10 Android Apps and Games of the Year 2011


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Any.Do Android App

Originally reviewed by Andrew Williams 02 December 2011

It's easy to get excited about apps that try to conspicuously enrich your life, but - if you're anything like us - you'll find that they tend to get dropped and forgotten within a week or two. The apps we use most are those that subtly nudge their way into our day-to-day routine, easing the load a gramme at a time. Like Any.Do.

Any.Do is at heart just a task list, but it's an incredibly stylish one that doubles as a note-taking solution and diary. Taking inspiration from social networks, the home screen of the app is based simply around a text entry box. Any.Do tries to predict what you're typing too, whether it's "finish work" or "buy toilet paper", so you need to spend less time within the app itself. You can schedule things for the future with reminders, or just let them rest in the present. To cross something off your list, just swipe across its entry and Any.Do greys it out.

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