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Top 10 Android Apps and Games of the Year 2011


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Songbird Android App

Originally reviewed by Andrew Williams 04 December 2011

Big music fans without the cash to splash on a high-capacity iPhone are arguably much better of with an Android device. Almost all of them offer expandable memory and drag 'n' drop file transfer, so you needn't tie yourself to iTunes or any other desktop player. Few phones offer a really great music player interface, though. Here's where Songbird steps in.

It's the best third-party music interface we've used for Android phones, and boasts support for podcasts, Last.FM scrobbling and plenty of ID3 tags. Extra bits like these aren't what make Songbird worth using day-to-day though, it's the feel of the app that's rather special. This app is swish, using tasteful, minimal animated transitions to grease-up your movements between menus.

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