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Top 10 Android Apps and Games of the Year 2011


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The Android Market now has 400,000 apps on its shelves. If you tried one every day, it'd take you more than a thousand years to get through the lot - and that doesn't take into account the reams that would be released each and every day.

Delving into such a crazy endeavour, what you'd discover is that not all smartphone and tablet Android apps are much cop. The same is true of any app store, of course, but Android is generally viewed as the iPhone's poor relation on the apps front. It has less good stuff, and gets the good bits it does end up arrive later. However, now that we're more than three years into the Android Market's life, there are plenty of great apps to check out if you know where to look.

You can often find gems that simply wouldn't be allowed on Apple's App Store too. Looser regulation lets more legally leftfield things through - such as the neat SuperGNES emulator, which lets you play oldie classics of the Super Nintendo console on your smartphone. Neat, eh?

While we've joined together both apps and games in our Android apps of the year list, SuperGNES didn't quite make it into the running this year. We looked for apps that made using an Android smartphone or tablet that little bit better each day, and as such have come up with a handful of apps every fan of the little green guy should check out. Our primary stipulation for inclusion here - other than being great - is that the app has to have been released in 2011. Have a few more of your own suggestions? Drop us a line in the comments.

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