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TomTom Rider v4 2013
TomTom Rider v4 2013

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  • TomTom Rider v4 2013
  • TomTom Rider v4 2013
  • TomTom Rider v4 2013
  • TomTom Rider v4 2013
  • TomTom Rider v4 2013
  • TomTom Rider v4 2013
  • TomTom Rider v4 2013
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  • TomTom RAM mount 2
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  • RAM mount slipstream

Prem Desai

May 19, 2013, 7:42 am

I have owned the first 3 generations of this device.

I also own the latest 1005 series device for my car.

It would seem that the 2 teams that make these are locked up in separate rooms. The Rider series team are from the dark ages. The products really are chalk and cheese.

This series 4 device is a huge step backwards. I would have expected it to have contained the LIVE services that Tomtom offers. Instead, they have even removed the traffic service (via mobile bluetooth data) that was on offer on previous models.

My current Rider v 3 is on its last legs (oh yeah, they don't last too long) and I know that I will most definitely NOT be considering Tomtom as a replacement.

Gordon Kelly

May 20, 2013, 1:09 pm

It's hugely frustrating isn't it!!

At present the Rider feels like an afterthought and certainly keeping references to 'car' in the onscreen pops does nothing to dispel that.

It is good at getting you from A to B (though without Live services), but it needs to do more specifically for bikers. Having seen Garmin's next generation devices like week I'd be very keen for the biker's version of these devices to arrive sooner rather than later but it appears it may not appear until 2014!

Again bikers come second.


July 7, 2015, 5:10 pm

Have been buying Tomtom Car and bike products for years, I had a problem will mount failing om my tom tom rider. Spent and hour on the phone yesterday and 5 hours on today, their indian call based CS is shocking. I will never buy another TOmTOm product again.

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