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Tiny Wings iPhone Game review

Niall Magennis



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Tiny Wings may sound like an Angry Birds knock off, but it’s a completely different flock of seagulls. You’re a small, round bird who always dreamed of flying, but unfortunately you have, err, tiny wings. Luckily, the world this bird lives in is full of psychedelic coloured hills that you can use as ramps to launch yourself off. The aim of the game is to keep airborne for as long as possible.

Angry Birds

The secret to this is to drop from the sky when you’re just above the downward slope of a hill, so you’ll career down it, and then launch yourself up the other side and back into the air. While you’re navigating all of this you have to keep an eye on the sun, as when it sets the game is over. Luckily, by completing different islands as quickly as possible your flying skills improve and are given more time before the sun sets.


Cute graphics and really fun game play make Tiny Wings another seriously addictive game for the iPhone.

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