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Tefal GV7095 Compact



Tefal GV7095 Compact


Key Features

  • 1.6 litre water tank capacity
  • Vertical steam functions
  • Limescale prevention technology
  • Manufacturer: Tefal
  • Review Price: £155.00

Tefal GV7095 Compact

The Tefal GV7095 may be called 'Compact', but it is a steaming powerhouse with a massive water capacity, leaving clothes with a great finish in no time at all.

The GV7095 is a steam generator iron, meaning the iron head is connected to a base unit, which doubles as the water tank. The tank's capacity is 1.6L, which is enormous, and will produce enough steam for the largest piles of ironing. The iron heats up in around two minutes, and is great at removing creases even without the steam. The steam function is, however, a time-saving gem, producing loads of pressure to get out even the most stubborn creases with ease.

The iron is fitted with a high pressure steam function to give a powerful burst of steam to any particularly unyielding wrinkles, and the plate can be used vertically, which is ideal for steaming the curtains or any hanging suits or jackets. The iron is built so that it will not drip when on low steam settings, and has limescale prevention technology, to avoid build up in the water tank, ruining the steam.

Altogether the unit is quite compact for a steam generator, the cord from the base to the iron head is long and easy to manoeuvre, and the power cord is of a good length, and can be folded up into the base. The only complaint to be made, if it can be called a complaint, is that the steam is so powerful that it can sometimes leave clothes feeling a little damp. Besides that though, the Tefal GV7095 Compact is a fantastic iron which will definitely make ironing quicker.