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Tefal FV5235



Tefal FV5235


Key Features

  • Ceramic plate
  • Vertical steam functions
  • Limescale prevention technology
  • Manufacturer: Tefal
  • Review Price: £37.00

Tefal FV5235

The Tefal FV5235 is a nifty little iron with plenty of time-saving features and a decent amount of power. The iron heats up quickly, and is powerful enough to remove any creases with ease. The plate is ceramic and glides easily over all fabrics. The steam it releases is even and softens clothes nicely whilst the steam boost has good penetration. This iron comes with the added option of vertical steaming, for getting to hanging jackets or suits, as well as curtains.

The Tefal FV5235 is fitted with a spring assisted cord, which will not get in the way when ironing, and a stabilised heel with anti slip material, meaning there is less chance of the iron falling onto the plate side accidentally. The water tank is fitted with anti-limescale technology, to keep the iron running reliably, and the base is anti-drip, so there will be no annoying puddles of water when steaming on a low setting.

With being quite a powerful steam iron, the water does get used up quickly, especially as the tank is only 300ml in size, which is fairly small compared to similar models. This also causes problems with the amount of steam produced, which could be better. The water inlet is easy to use though, so refilling periodically alleviates some of these problems.

Overall, this is a very versatile, very easy-to-use iron, which promises to be a reliable appliance for your household.