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Tefal FV3680



Tefal FV3680


Key Features

  • 270ml water tank
  • Three metre cable
  • Vertical steam shot
  • Manufacturer: Tefal
  • Review Price: £37.00

Tefal FV3680

The Tefal FV3680 is an inexpensive but fantastic iron with plenty of modern conveniences to make ironing simple.

A decent-sized steam iron, the FV3680 features a 270ml water tank built into the body of the iron itself. The head is coated in a scratch resistant material, and glides smoothly over all fabrics, speeding up the ironing process.

With excellent steam functions, the Tefal FV3680 has been designed with various power settings including a vertical steam shot to take creases out of the most stubborn and dense fabrics. Built with drop stop technology to prevent annoying water leaks, the Tefal iron’s water refill hole is at the front of the iron for easier access.

The heel of the iron is extra wide, making it more stable when set down, and offering a convenient place to store the cable, which is a staggering three metres long. What’s more the Tefal FV3680 iron looks nice too, or as nice as an iron can look, with a dark purple water tank covering and a small, but comfortable handle. The only potential issue with this iron is that it can be quite heavy when filled with water, but besides this minor inconvenience, this is a brilliant and reliable iron with a very reasonable price tag.