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Tefal BR400815 Express Boil



Tefal BR400815 Express Boil


Key Features

  • 2 litre capacity
  • Express Boil technology
  • Single drink dispensing
  • Manufacturer: Tefal
  • Review Price: £65.00

Tefal BR400815 Express Boil

If waiting around for the kettle to boil is the bane of your life or you don’t have much time in the morning to hang around waiting for the water to get hot enough to make yourself a cup of tea, then the Tefal BR400815 Express Boil is definitely worth consideration.

Boiling very quickly, the Tefal BR400815 has a maximum capacity of two litres, which is larger than most of the other kettles on the market and is more than enough to make multiple hot drinks or to pour into a saucepan full of vegetables to cook them. The large capacity also means you’ll have to fill it less, which will again save you time.

The cordless design makes using the Tefal BR400815 Express Boil very handy as you’re not stuck to a wall with it. In fact it’s designed very well with a general aesthetic that is neat and tidy albeit far from the extravagance of some of the flashy and artistic models currently available on the market.

The Tefal BR400815 Express Boil is extremely simple to use, but it’s not ideal for making more than one drink at a time — the reason it’s so quick to boil is that it doesn’t boil all the water in the kettle and instead just dispenses enough water to fill a single mug and make a single hot drink. You can adjust how much water comes out in one go, though, and this adjustment is again very simple to do.

Where the Express Boil becomes slightly unstuck is when being refilled with the unit proving awkward to top up and extremely heavy when brimming with water. It’s also awkward to makes pots of tea because of the design of the spout — it’s far too near the body of the Tefal BR400815 Express Boil. However it is very quiet, so there are real swings and roundabouts with this model.