Tannoy HTS-101 - Features and Setup

By Danny Phillips



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Tannoy HTS-101


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Let’s talk technology. The satellites feature a single 75mm paper cone mid-bass driver, above which sits a 19mm titanium WideBand dome tweeter. The use of titanium is said to deliver a cleaner and more accurate frequency response than soft dome tweeters (hence ‘WideBand’), allowing it to reach frequencies of 40kHz and over – perfect for reproducing hi-res Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio soundtracks. It’s driven by a neodymium magnet system, the strongest known type of permanent magnet. Tannoy recommends feeding them between 25 and 100W of power and they reach down to a frequency of 100Hz, although their smooth roll off should allow them to blend seamlessly with the subwoofer.

Tannoy HTS-101 - sub front

The centre speaker is voice-matched using the same drivers as the other sats, except that it boasts two 3in mid-bass drivers to give dialogue extra depth.

Lurking inside the active subwoofer is a downward-firing 8in long-throw driver and a 100W amplifier, and on the back is a helpful array of controls. Two dials at the top control volume and frequency crossover from 50Hz to 200Hz, and there’s a switch for flipping the phase 180 degrees.

Tannoy HTS-101 sub rear

You also get a line level cinch input and two pairs of speaker-level binding post inputs. A power switch completes the line-up, backed up by an auto power feature that allows you to leave it in standby and it will wake up when a signal is detected.


April 26, 2011, 12:53 pm

It's right up there with the best in this price class, sounding every bit as taut and powerful as Teufel's recent Consono and Columa sub,

How does one interpret that given that links to column speakers and about £100 less?


April 27, 2011, 2:35 pm

I actually ordered the Teufel Columa 300, but then cancelled because of 6 week delivery, I then purchased the Tannoy HTS 101 system on a whim for £400 (special daily offer), I do not regret the decision, it sounds fantastic, excellent build quality, have it hooked up to a Onkyo TX 608 AV amp, appreciate the positive review.

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