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Surround Sound System Reviews

Latest surround sound system reviews to help you find the best home theatre system for your needs. Read unbiased, independent surround sound system reviews from the experts at TrustedReviews and from people who have bought and used them.

  1. Denon AVR-X1200W

    Denon AVR-X1200W

    Price as reviewed £299.00
    9 Feb 2016
    Our rating:

    Denon's feature-packed AV receiver delivers killer performance at a bargain price

  2. Denon Heos 5

    Denon Heos 5

    Price as reviewed £299.00
    8 Feb 2016
    Our rating:

    There’s room for improvement, but Denon’s midrange multiroom speaker sounds great

  3. Eclipse TD-M1

    Eclipse TD-M1

    Price as reviewed £799.00
    4 Feb 2016
    Our rating:

    Stunning sound, dazzling design and a big price drop make these irresistible

  4. Samsung R3

    Samsung R3

    Price as reviewed £249.99
    20 Jan 2016
    Our rating:

    Samsung fires on all cylinders with this marvellous midrange multiroom speaker

  5. Technics SL-1200G 21

    Technics SL-1200G Turntable

    Price to be confirmed
    7 Jan 2016

    Hands-on: The latest addition to Technics is a looker

  6. DALI Zenzor Pico 5.1

    DALI Zenzor Pico 5.1

    Price as reviewed £779.00
    29 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    DALI’s scaled-down speaker system delivers big sound from compact cabinets

  7. Ruark Audio R2 Mk3

    Ruark Audio R2 Mk3

    Price as reviewed £399.99
    17 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    An incredibly versatile all-in-one music system that sounds as good as it looks

    Best price
  8. Philips Izzy

    Philips Izzy BM5

    Price as reviewed £99.00
    16 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    Multiroom has never been simpler

  9. LG HS8

    LG HS8

    Price as reviewed £499.00
    16 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    LG’s curved 4.1 soundbar looks the part, but it lacks sonic finesse

  10. Ministry of Sound Audio L Plus

    Ministry of Sound Audio L Plus

    Price as reviewed £299.00
    11 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    A fairly large wireless speaker that offers Sonos-like multiroom functionality for £300.

  11. Cambridge Audio Air 200 V2

    Cambridge Audio Air 200 V2

    Price as reviewed £399.95
    9 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    Cambridge Audio’s powerful wireless speaker will fill your room with sweet music

  12. Samsung R1

    Samsung R1

    Price as reviewed £169.95
    8 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    Bring the noise with Samsung’s entry-level multiroom speaker

  13. Roth Bar 2LX soundbar

    Roth Bar 2LX

    Price as reviewed £149.00
    7 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    Is Roth’s basic budget soundbar great value or a false economy?

  14. Samsung R5

    Samsung R5

    Price as reviewed £349.95
    1 Dec 2015
    Our rating:

    Exclusive review of Samsung’s cylindrical multiroom speaker

  15. Philips Fidelio B5

    Philips Fidelio B5

    Price as reviewed £549.99
    19 Nov 2015
    Our rating:

    Philips’ ingenious soundbar delivers "Surround on Demand"