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Latest Surround Sound System reviews for Over £450.

  1. Technics OTTAVA SC-C500 5

    Technics OTTAVA SC-C500

    Exclusive: A beautiful, modern micro system with an eye-watering price

  2. McIntosh MXA70

    McIntosh MXA70

    An impressive micro system for those with deep pockets

  3. Sony SRS-X99

    Sony SRS-X99

    Find out why Sony’s top-end multiroom speaker demands a place on your shopping list

  4. Technics Ottava 11
  5. Monitor Audio Gold 200AV

    Monitor Audio Gold 200AV

    Monitor Audio sets a new Gold standard with its fabulous 5.1 speaker system

  6. Eclipse TD-M1

    Eclipse TD-M1

    Stunning sound, dazzling design and a big price drop make these irresistible

  7. DALI Zenzor Pico 5.1

    DALI Zenzor Pico 5.1

    DALI’s scaled-down speaker system delivers big sound from compact cabinets

  8. Philips Fidelio B5

    Philips Fidelio B5

    Philips’ ingenious soundbar delivers "Surround on Demand"

  9. Cambridge Audio CXR120

    Cambridge Audio CXR120

    A high-end AV receiver that puts performance first

  10. Ruark R4 Mk3

    Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 / R4-30

    Now even more luxurious, thanks to the R4-30 anniversary special edition

  11. Arcam Solo Bar Plus

    Arcam Solo Bar Plus & Solo Sub

    An upgraded version of Arcam’s high-end soundbar

  12. Tannoy HTS-101 XP

    Tannoy HTS 101 XP

    Get a big sound from small speakers with Tannoy’s upgraded 5.1 system

  13. Naim Mu-So

    Naim Audio Mu-So

    Naim’s high-end wireless speaker system is sheer audio luxury

  14. Geneva AeroSphere Large

    Geneva AeroSphère Large

    Daring design meets audiophile performance in Geneva’s spherical wireless speaker

  15. Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 review

    Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1

    It might say Bronze on the box, but Monitor Audio’s revamped 5.1 system is pure gold