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Student Laptops and Technology

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Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade)
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Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade)

Originally reviewed by Gordon Kelly 26 January 2011

Smartphones are great tools for students. Not only are they mandatory socialising acceesories these days, they are also great for taking quick notes, quickly browsing the web, or recording lectures. Top-end smartphones cost hundreds of pounds though, not healthy for anyone's bank balance, let alone a student's. The sub-£100 Orange San Francisco may be cheap, but it has many of the key advantages of its more expensive alternatives. It has full access to the Android Market and its wealth of productivity tools, while its bright 3.5in screen is big and detailed enough to make reading documents doable. If you're not willing to fork out for a computer, a tablet and a smartphone, the Orange San Francisco is a good stand-in for the middle man - a tablet. Pair it with a decent cheap contract, or pre-pay deal with a data bundle and it's a fantastic way to stay up-to-date with any school/work-related emails too, wherever you are.

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