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Apple iPad 2 front

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iPad 2

Originally reviewed by Hugo Jobling 08 April 2011

Although it's used more often to play Angry Birds than write essays, equip an iPad 2 with the right apps and accessories and it'll be almost ready to replace a laptop. Step one - buy a Bluetooth keyboard. We recommend Apple's own £55 model. It's not cheap, but it's stunning. Step two - download an Office Suite. Using Apple's own iWork, DataViz's Documents to Go or Quickoffice Connect, the iPad will turn into a device to write and research a first-class essay on. More than any other tablet in this round-up, an iPad will also come in handy with any extra-curricular activities too. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for Apple's iPad, enough for virtually every subject under the sun. Whether it's to edit photos, learn advanced chess tips or study up on the history of cinema, the iPad 2 is a brilliant solution. For work alone, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is the best tablet in town, but Apple's latest offers a far wider scope.

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