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Student Laptops and Technology

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Mini NB550D-109 25.7 cm 10.1" LED Netbook - C-50 1 GHz - Metallic Brown (1024 x 600 WXGA Display - 1 GB RAM - 250 GB HDD - AMD Radeon HD 6250M - Bluetooth - Webcam - Windows 7 Starter - 9.50 Hour Battery - HDMI)
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Toshiba NB550D

Originally reviewed by Ardjuna Seghers 26 April 2011

If you're looking for a laptop that's as portable as it gets without needing to give up alcohol for the next few months, a netbook is still a viable solution. Netbooks tend to be sufficient for basics like browsing the web, sending emails and editing documents – basically what your average student needs to do. Among this rather limited breed (netbooks that is, not students) Toshiba's 10in NB550D stands head and shoulders above the competition. It looks like it costs far more than its £260 asking price, feels lovely in the hand thanks to a combination of soft finishes, is great to type on and throws in more connectivity and better HD video performance than your average netbook thanks to its AMD CPU/GPU combo. Oh, and its Harman/kardon speakers ensure it's the best-sounding ultraportable you're likely to hear.

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