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HTC ChaCha

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HTC ChaCha

Originally reviewed by Niall Magennis 22 June 2011

The perfect blend of fun and seriousness, the HTC ChaCha is sure to help students settle in at a new place, and keep up with any new friends. It's a 'Facebook phone', with a dedicated button to let you post to your wall in seconds, but does a lot more besides. It runs the Android OS, giving you access to thousands of apps, including ones for other social networks like Twitter and Myspace - having 1000 Facebook friends isn't an entry requirement here. The fab physical Qwerty keyboard on its front is not just good for online silliness though, it's comfortable enough to write longer-form notes and emails on. The HTC ChaCha may win you a few sneers from hardcore techies because of its ties to Facebook, but it's a winner in several respects and doesn't cost the earth either.

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