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StarHawk Deals

By Stuart Andrews



May 11, 2012, 6:26 pm

Great review! I am a warhawk vet (sadly not a General) and can arguably say I have had some of the best multiplayer experiences in the PS3 version. I remember the early days of warhawk, people complained about its difficulty and style of aiming but as time went on, the game saw allot of improvements from the developers and the community grew really strong and supportive. There are allot more mechanics to wrap your head around in Starhawk and they take time to master their effectiveness, especially if you are not familiar with the previous games. Infact while this is the successor to Warhawk, after playing the beta i realised that Starhawk was built from the group up with new ideas and enhancements to the gameplay, that one cannot simply go into the multiplayer thinking allot of the skills you mastered from Warhawk can be easily adapted to Starhawk. Therefore people (old and new) should treat this as an entirely new game. In time, you will become really good at the game, as long as you watch and learn from others. My pre-order copy should arrive today, so if any one wants to battle in the new frontier; add me PSN ID: Adoniteking

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