StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Deals

By Stuart Andrews



March 20, 2013, 2:32 pm

(This is like a mini review!) Love Starcraft, however this expansion isn't all I hoped it would be. Campaign is on the short side and while 2.0 looks lovely (really lovely), it's not something I wanted to pay for. It's just not different enough from Wings of Liberty...but...that's not a bad thing. I'd have loved another unit for each race, however Starcraft is big in the esports scene and keeping a balance between the three races was always going to be the top priority.

And multiplayer is where the heart of Starcraft is - and where it's most fun, especially for that competitive person in all of us. It's a decent matchmaking system and you do play more matches against people around your own skill level. It's goal is that you have a 50:50 win/lose ratio.

Sometimes you do go up against people who are another level above you, the same in that you might go up against someone who is a level below you. One teaches you you've still a lot to learn, the other shows you how far you've come.

Lose a lot of games and your "rank" will decrease and the game will pit you
against people of slightly lesser skill, and winning will increase your rank and you'll play harder opponents. Just try not to cry about getting your pants pulled down by masters, it happens to most of us.

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