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The Sony Xperia t is the company's latest flagship phone and it's the choice of no less than James Bond in his latest film Skyfall. But like the Aston Martin DB5 is the Xperia T all style and no substance? Well ironically isn’t even all style as it certainly doesn't have the premium look and feel you'd expect of a James Bond device. There's no precision cut brushed aluminium here but rather pathetic plastic flaps. It's actually a perfectly sturdily handset but you're unlikely to win the hearts of any Bond girls flashing this phone. Likewise the screen isn't up there with the absolute best thanks to poor viewing angles and a slightly washed out, grey look. Still at 4.7 in, it's big, and with 768 x 1280 pixels it's sharp too. What's more, despite the fairly sizeable screen this remains a really easy device to handle. It's curved matt-finish back gives a comfortable secure grip and its buttons are kept well within reach of either thumb or finger. On the back is a class leading 13mp camera, which you can start up straight from a locked phone just by holding the shutter button. It offers a wealth of options and takes a pretty good photo on automatic. It's also backed up by 1080p video shooing, though sadly here's no x-ray specs mode for the ultimate in sleuthing. On paper, the Xperia t isn't the fastest going, thanks to its dual-core chip. But in most real world situations it feels plenty fast enough, with all the latest games running nice and smoothly. Running the show here is the 4.0 ice cream sandwich version of android. Something that's made obvious by the lack of buttons underneath the screen. Instead these are onscreen, where they can be switched off and flipped about as required by whatever app you're using. We're not always a fan of touch buttons but here we feel they work very well. Sony has given android its own look and feel but essentially you're getting a pretty standard Android experience. And that experience is excellent. From contacts management through messaging and browsing the web, this phone is a doddle to use. Some specific Sony extras include the company's longstanding music and video streaming services music unlimited and video unlimited. As ever we'd not necessarily outright recommend them but both offer a reasonably competitive choice and price range. When it comes to the latest and greater tech this phone's also well equipped with NFC and 4G both onboard, though without a removable battery you'll be stuck with around a day and a half's usage before you'll need to head back to HQ for a recharge. Thankfully with a standard microUSB port in use it should be a cinch to find a spare cable. So the Sony Xperia t isn't quite the barnstormer Mr Bond perhaps deserves. But its combination of features, along with great ergonomics and a good price makes for a sensible option for those looking for a practical big smartphone.

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Ed Penney

December 25, 2012, 9:56 pm

This phone looks great; good for Sony. I'm signing on with AT&T so that I can get its 4G LTE speeds (I'm in the Atlanta area), but I'm wondering when Jelly Bean will be released ... I expect my phone to arrive within a couple of days; I'm so excited! This phone looks ideal for my career as a graphic designer. Keep it up, Sony!

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