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November 20, 2013, 9:58 pm

I purchased a projector less than a year ago and while great picture for the money, is already giving me problems. It has a terrible flickering that makes it impossible to watch tv/movies. It is still under warranty, however, getting Sony to do anything isn't worth the trouble. Especially with the kind of money involved with projectors.

I had called a month ago to schedule repair as the product is still under warranty, I spoke to a lady who walked me through the tests to try and find out if it was something that could be fixed over the phone and it was determined that the issue was going to require repair by a professional. I was given a Case Number as well as a phone number to a local repair shop that would be doing the repairs. She said that a lot of times they take a while to call and that I may get faster service if I called them myself toschedule the appointment. Long story short, I got tied up and frankly forgot about it, but when I finally remembered and called Sony back to find out why nobody called me to schedule a repair they said that they had no record of anyone telling me that, and that I would have to send the projector in to get fixed that there was no repair shop anywhere in the state of Tennessee. Upon further Google review, I found multiple "Sony Authorized/Certified" repair shops in Tennessee. Basically telling me that I was making this up. When I asked why I was originally told that there was a repair shop locally, and given the number to said repair shop, I was told that they had no record of it. Insane. In no way should I have to pay someone to come out and take apart a theater that I had professionally installed, then mail in a projector possibly further damaging all the delicate parts by our great postal service, and then having to call another installer to come and put it all back together again. When I confronted them about not having anyone in the state to repair they said that the only people that they have repair TV's and not projectors. I know for a fact that the place I purchased it from is a certified Sony dealer and they also have repair men that work on projectors. Even after filing a complaint they are still not willing to stand by what was originally said by the first lady I spoke with and send someone out here. They can't explain to me why I was told that in the first place. Just keep saying that there's no record of that conversation. Then on top of that, the people I spoke to after the original lady wouldn't even let me get a word in edgewise. They kept trying to talk over me. Just completely unprofessional. Especially for a company such as Sony. So even if the product were to last you longer than a year, believe me when I say, you do not want to have to deal with Sony's customer service. They will do NOTHING to try and resolve my problem. All they keep telling me is to mail it in which I refuse to do because of obvious reasons.

I've always been a loyal Sony customer. I have over $10k invested in Sony products in my home. I will never buy another Sony product after this and I suggest no one else does that cares about receiving good customer service or wanting a company to go above and beyond to do whats right. They'res many other companies out there with great customer service. Don't waste your time with Sony.

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