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Sony NEX-C3 review - Sample Images: ISO Performance

Audley Jarvis

By Audley Jarvis


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Sony NEX-C3 iso 200

As this 100% crop shows, the baseline sensitivity of ISO 200 is free of noise

Sony NEX-C3 iso 400

ISO 400 is also clear of noise, although at 100% you can see a slight softening

Sony NEX-C3 iso 800

At ISO 800 there is the faintest hint of further softening, but overall the image holds up very well indeed

Sony NEX-C3 iso 1600

At ISO 1600 the image has become softer, but still holds together well overall

Sony NEX-C3 iso 3200

By ISO 3200 noise has become visible, although the image remains usable

Sony NEX-C3 iso 6400

By ISO 6400 noise has become visible, even at lower image sizes

Sony NEX-C3 iso 12800

By ISO 12,800 the image has become fairly noisy and soft, but is still usable at smaller sizes

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