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Sony NEX-6: Image Quality - ISO Tests

By Paul Nuttall



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Below are our standardised ISO test shots, starting with the Sony NEX-6's lowest standard setting of ISO 100 and rising incrementally to the top setting of ISO 25,600.

Sony NEX-6 FULL ISO 100

ISO 100 – the full test scene

Sony NEX-6 ISO 100

ISO 100 – 100% crop

Sony NEX-6 ISO 200

ISO 200 – 100% crop

Sony NEX-6 ISO 400

ISO 400 – 100% crop

Up until ISO 400 the NEX-6 produces clean, noise-free images.

Sony NEX-6 ISO 800

ISO 800 – 100% crop

Some chroma noise does begin to appear by around ISO 400, although this does tend to be confined to areas of little detail and isn’t a huge problem.

Sony NEX-6 ISO 1600

ISO 1600 – 100% crop

Sony NEX-6 ISO 3200

ISO 3200 – 100% crop

Sony NEX-6 ISO FULL 3200

ISO 3200 – full-size

At higher sensitivities the NEX-6 proves to be effective at processing out noise from shadow areas, with images retaining a good deal of integrity in terms of colour and white balance.

Sony NEX-6 ISO 6400

ISO 6400 – 100% crop

Sony NEX-6 ISO 12,800

ISO 12,800 – 100% crop

Sony NEX-6 ISO 25,600

ISO 25,600 – 100% crop

Sony NEX-6 FULL ISO 25,600

ISO 25,600 – full size


December 2, 2012, 9:59 pm

Why no mention of the ISO standard hotshoe? Along with the EVF, for many that is also a big reason to go for 6 over the 5R.

Scott 2

December 3, 2012, 3:19 pm

Good review as usual. Couple of points/questions. The phrase "JPEGs are processed effectively enough to elevate them over the standard of Raw files" doesn't make sense. Possibly worth a sentence of explanation in future reviews if you're going to mention raw files, or leave out completely.

Separate but related point, White Balance accuracy is irrelevant for a lot of raw shooters.

Also, probably unfair to base the view of camera quality on the kit lens. They're not usually that good are they? Apart from rare examples in more expensive kits (when you could argue they're not really "kit lenses"). I know lots of people stick with the kit lens (yes yes, why buy an ILC etc etc) but the shouldn't the point be "the kit lens isn't great so that's your first upgrade"?

Martin Daler

December 3, 2012, 4:56 pm

I'm happy with the camera being judged as sold, with maybe a caveat that IQ improvements are available to those who wish to spend more money on replacement lenses. But if so, then the total cost of achieving the higher IQ needs to be shown in contention with alternative solutions at the higher price.

In other words, if I want to realise the camera's maximum potential IQ over the focal lengths covered by the kit lens, how much extra will I need to spend on replacing the kit lens, and what else could I buy at that higher total price?


January 3, 2013, 6:13 pm

Really 7 out of 10? BS review and one website to take off my list...trusted reviews my A

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