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Sony NEX-5n - Sample Images: ISO Performance

Audley Jarvis

By Audley Jarvis



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Sony NEX-5n ISO

The ISO test scene in full and at ISO 100

Sony NEX-5n ISO 100

As this 100% crop shows ISO 100 is clean, sharp and free of noise with plenty of shadow detail.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 200

ISO 200 shows no discernible difference from ISO 100.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 400

ISO 400 there's the merest hint of softening in shadows, but nothing to really worry about.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 800

By ISO 800 this softening in shadow areas continues, but again it's not really doing the image any harm.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 1600

At ISO 1600 noise has become visible, although it's only really noticeable at 100% and above.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 3200

ISO 3200 is the tipping point - where image noise and the softening effects of noise reduction begin to become noticeable. Overall quality at smaller image sizes is still very good though.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 6400

Image noise has become much more prominent at ISO 6400, although images remain usable at smaller sizes.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 12800

Moving towards the top of the sensitivity range, ISO 12,800 shows a marked decline in quality.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 25600

The top setting of ISO 25,600 is really only for use in emergencies.

Of course, there's only so much 100% crops shot under studio conditions can show, so here's a real-life scene shot at different ISOs.

Sony NEX-5n ISO 100

ISO 100 (for comparison)

Sony NEX-5n ISO 1600

ISO 1600

Sony NEX-5n ISO 3200

ISO 3200

Sony NEX-5n ISO 6400

ISO 6400

Sony NEX-5n ISO 12800

ISO 12,800

Sony NEX-5n ISO 25600

ISO 25,600

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