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Sony KDL-46HX753 - 3D Picture Quality and Conclusions

John Archer

By John Archer



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Sony 46HX753


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Turning to other areas of the Sony KDL-46HX753’s performance, its HD pictures are sharp and detailed without looking forced or noisy (provided you deactivate the aforementioned edge and detail enhancer options). Contributing to this sense of sharpness is some decent motion handling, with images suffering only minor amounts of judder and only small traces of resolution loss over moving objects.

Motion advice

The 46HX753’s motion performance isn’t as perfect as that of the HX853 models, it must be said. Also, many of the provided motion processing options can do more harm than good overall, with the only two really worth experimenting with being the Clear mode (which creates the fewest artefacts but leaves the picture looking a touch dim) and the Standard mode (which can cause the occasional unwanted side effect but doesn’t dim the image).

Sony 46HX753

Colours, meanwhile, generally look excellent, combining reasonably rich tones with good tonal accuracy and plenty of subtlety when it comes to rendering blends and marginal tonal shifts.

Last but not least in the Sony KDL-46HX753’s arsenal is a really handy 3D performance. Regular readers may remember that last year’s EX7 series from Sony were pretty disastrous in 3D terms, but Sony has really up its game here.

Crosstalk reduction

The excessive crosstalk double ghosting noise witnessed on the EX7s has been greatly reduced, leaving edges usually looking sharp and clean, and the image’s sense of depth much more impressive.

We’re also very impressed this year by the quality of Sony’s 3D colour tuning, which compensates exceptionally well for the colour shift introduced by Sony’s active 3D glasses.

These glasses - none of which, irritatingly, are included - still knock a bit more brightness out of 3D images than we’d ideally like them to. But overall the 3D detail and clarity carry the day, making 3D viewing entertaining and involving - especially if you dim the lights in your room to accommodate the reduction in image brightness.

Gamer glory

Provided you hunt out the Sony KDL-46HX753's Game preset (tucked away inside the Scene Select submenu of the Options menu) and turn off the set's edge and detail enhancers, meanwhile, the TV works nicely as a gaming monitor. Especially as we measured its input lag at just 39ms, which is low enough not to significantly upset your gaming performance.

Sony 46HX753

Sonically the 46HX753 is average to good. It’s nice to find Sony providing two different audio reproduction options according to whether you’re mounting the TV on a wall or its desktop stand. The set’s reproduction of the mid range of audio tones is wider and more accommodating than most too, meaning that action scenes can sound more well-rounded and less distorted than they usually do on today’s flat TVs.

More treble and especially bass extension is needed to make the 46HX753 an actual audio hero, but all in all it provides a thoroughly acceptable audio accompaniment to its strong pictures.


The Sony KDL-46HX753 doesn’t by any means hit the same dizzy picture heights as its illustrious HX853 flagship sibling. But it’s still a very strong performer for its price, and makes the numerous issues we had with the 32in HX753 look like the exception rather than the rule where Sony’s 2012 TV range is concerned. Something to think about for those websites which claim that you only need to test one screen from any given TV range...

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • 2D Quality 9
  • 3D Quality 8
  • Design 7
  • Features 9
  • Sound Quality 8
  • Value 9

Neil Ross

December 29, 2012, 11:39 am

Please stop comparing items to the more expensive, obviously better models. Compare with alternatives in the same price range please. Every time I read a review on this site, I have to then read the review you are comparing it with (items costing £200+ more). I've now gone from trying to buy a TV for £650 to thinking I need to spend over a grand to get a decent TV. That's not how it's supposed to work.

Lorien Akers-Jones

October 3, 2013, 6:46 pm

We purchased our Sony KDL46HX753 with stand and 3D glasses at extra cost totalling £1408.96 in the June of 2012 and here we are in oct 2013 with a TV that is beyond economical repair due to the screen being faulty according to the Sony technician that attended our call-out, we decided not to take out an extended warranty because we thought it being a Sony we would be wasting money, how wrong we were !!!! I have spoken too Sony and they are not interested in any good will gesture and said i quote "thats life". Stuff Sony


November 29, 2013, 1:01 pm

Hi thanks for the review, I have a problem of choice, the samsung ue46f8000 is what I mentally chose! However the input lag is important to me because of FPS Gaming! I than looked for tv with best minimal lag and the kdl47w805a came top! Problem is the review of that model says its average at best of other things than gaming at 900£ where as the Samsung is all bells and whistles at 1300! I do want the smart to be great and easy and picture to be awesome! But also the input lag low! What is your tv choice/model to cater for this. The 3d stuff I don't care for however it seems to be chucked in there as standard now days

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