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22in edge LED TV

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Sony KDL-22EX320
Sony KDL-22EX320

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  • Sony KDL-22EX320
  • Sony KDL-22EX320
  • Sony KDL-22EX320
  • BRAVIA KDL-22EX320 22" LCD TV (1366x768, 50 Hz, Freeview HD, HDTV)


January 18, 2013, 4:39 pm

Hi, I have a sony KDL-24EX320 full HD 24", Had the exact sme problem with dull images in standard mode - even when turning the backlight to maximum and gamma to +3. Then I discovered in the System Menu the ability to switch off ECO Mode which is 'On' by default. Suddenly there's a dramatic increase in picture bridghtness, contrast and punch to the point where backlight needs to be turned back to 5 and gamma can be set at 0. It's a shame Sony don't put the ECO Mode setting in the main menu where it's easily accessible and have it switched OFF by default.

Aiman abdullah

November 4, 2013, 7:16 pm

Hey they,I have a sony KDL-24EX320 Full HD 21"x 13.5".My tv have a problem Main Board power supply, so please send to me any information to order that part.

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