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July 1, 2014, 11:57 am

There is currently one of these in Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow as a Sony promo with the World Cup - one of only 2 in the country at the moment. Having watched some newly cut World Cup highlights on it I can say that the 4K picture is excellent. Pin sharp, the detailing of the players, grass and crowd is spectacular. Really great to see 'real' footage on one rather than a bog standard landscape demo.
However, switch it back to BBC1HD to watch the tennis, and things fall apart pretty quickly. There's an odd thing that happens, area of the screen showing the score is oddly sharp, but then the rest of it is sadly really soft. Even with slow moments onscreen with the players walking about the picture changes constantly from being 'ok' (tv is trying to upscale the HD picture and remain sharp), to down-right soft and looking like SD picture quality, all in the matter of seconds. Actually watching the tennis on it is quite uncomfortable as the constant sharp/soft/sharp/soft makes focusing with your eyes tiresome. Plus the crowd on either side of the court are just a messy blur like a Picasso painting.
Would I buy this tv even If I had a spare £20k in my pocket, not a chance. What's the point? Anything other than 4K, the picture quality is outright poor, and other than some special hard drive attachment from Sony and 2 programs on US only Netflix (unless you have the computer know-who to use a proxy) as content, then to be honest, there's no point.
4K is the future, but unlike when 1080p came around, at least we had xbox360 and the PS3 outputting great HD quality material until the likes of Sky started to increase their HD output and freeview started to catch-up, but 4k?? No, i'm afraid it's still a long way off. The fact that the new consoles don't offer a 4k output kind of sums things up really.
For the moment I'm just hoping that some manufacturer out there can come close to Panasonics plasma range, as it appears nothing this year comes close to the picture quality. Get that right first, stop with all the gimmics like 3D and then start to worry about 4K.

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