Sony KD-84X9005 specs

John Archer

By John Archer


Key Features

  • 84in LCD TV with edge LED lighting
  • 4k native resolution
  • Passive 3D playback
  • 4K X-Reality Pro processing
  • Sony Entertainment Network online system
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Review Price: £25,000.00
Quick Glance
Size 84
Display Type LED
Refresh Rate 800
Freeview HD Yes
Size 84
Display Type LED
Full HD 1080p Yes (actually 4k!)
Digital Tuner Yes
Freeview HD Yes
3D Ready Yes
Refresh Rate 800
HDMI 4 (v1.4)
Component 1
Composite 1
Scart 1 (RGB)
Digital Audio Out 1 (optical)
Headphone 1
Ethernet 1
WiFi Yes (built-in)


October 11, 2012, 6:48 pm

I suspect the work required to display a 3D blu-ray on this set is much greater than might be assumed. For the best possible image, the X-Reality Pro engine would need to up-scale to 3840x2160.

In classic passive style, odd lines would then be extracted from the left image and even lines extracted from the right (with the remainder discarded).

As ever with passive the resultant resolution is entirely dynamic so you can never be sure what you're viewing but at any moment it can be expected to be in the range:

3840 x (>1080 ~ <2160)

Hardly surprising then this leads to a "jaw dropping" viewing experience!

I agree it's likely to be a very long time before Ultra HD broadcasts are feasible but one very useful advantage of the passive system is the ability to transmit 3D in the same bandwidth as 2D (for the 3D you sacrifice a small drop in perceived sharpness - for those that can notice!)

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