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There's a famous Saturday Night Live sketch about a new product which is both a floor cleaner as well as a dessert topping, and at very first glance you might think that combining a camcorder and a projector seems like a similar, if slightly less extreme 'jack of all trades' situation. Fortunately, Sony's HDR-PJ10E doesn't fall into this trap. It is the first consumer camcorder of its kind, but the concept has great pedigree in the early days of film, as 19th century innovators the Lumiere Brothers' first camera also doubled as a projector.

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Fiddler on the hoof

November 18, 2011, 3:37 am

While I have always enjoyed and, indeed, trusted these reviews, I feel it worth asking the slightly grudging reviewer of the Sony HDR PJ10E camcorder if he had actually handled the equipment before he wrote his review. He says, somewhat dismissively, that 'not surprisingly' there is no provision for external microphone and headphones. This is important as numbers of potential purchasers will feel no need to read on. The model I held today was clearly equipped with sockets for both. 'Trusted' reviews?


November 18, 2011, 4:26 am

Apologies for that. As you can see from our video review, we certainly did use the camcorder. I'm guessing that line was mistakenly written out of habit and the error missed in editing. I'll correct it now.

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