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By Sandra Vogel



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Of course the C905 plays music and there is 160MB of built-in memory supplemented by a 2GB Memory Stick Micro card. Sony Ericsson has not yet abandoned its ridiculous chunky headset connector which yet again is side-mounted adding an extra 15mm to your pocket width requirement. In this case, the in-ear 'phones are a one-piece affair so you can't substitute your favourites for those supplied. The mains power adaptor has a through-port for the headset.

One real plus with this handset is battery life. Sony Ericsson quotes up to nine hours of talk and 380 hours on standby for this handset. I got an impressive 12 hours of non-stop music from a full battery charge. Admittedly, I got nearly 13 hours from the W902, but that is a Walkman branded handset and you'd expect more from it. In general use a couple of days between charges is not out of the question, especially as I found the GPS rather lacklustre and would only be likely to thrash the gas guzzling Wi-Fi.

There is plenty of additional software here. Bluetooth remote control, sound recorder, mobile email and IM, RSS reader, TV-out (no cables provided), FM radio, five alarms, calendar, task manager, notes taker, timer, stopwatch, calculator, code memo, TrackID, VideoDJ, PhotoDJ and MusicDJ, to list some of the major ones.


Sadly, no recommended award for the C905 as the camera isn't really as good as the other 8-megapixel handsets I've seen, and the phone is a bit on the clunky side to use.

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Andy C

January 2, 2009, 4:07 pm

ive had this phone for about a month now and i really love it. when it comes to the camera this phone has a major advantage in low light because its xenon flash is much more powerful than the lg renoir's. a couple of things bug me though and the main thing is the firmware on it. i have an orange branded handset and the result of their engineers tinkering around with it have screwed up my geotagging, music player and bluetooth. apparently though vodafone have done even worse and have screwed everything up on it!


Hamish Campbell

January 3, 2009, 1:43 pm

I flashed the sony 610 i used to use back to original firmware. Definitely felt snappier and then could theme to look much cooler than the naff cartoony style 3 had set it to here.


July 3, 2010, 11:03 am

The touch screen of Nokia X6 is much much better than 5800Xm and others.


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