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Sony Cyber-shot WX5 - Test shots: Detail and Lens Performance

By Gavin Stoker



Our Score:


A more general selection of unadjusted test shots are revealed on this page and next to act as an evaluation of the Sony Cyber-shot WX5 in a variety of shooting conditions.


The WX5 features a 5x optical zoom equivalent to 24-120mm in 35mm film terms to pull distant subjects closer. Here's an idea of the quality at maximum wideangle setting, which reveals some mild barrel distortion and softening of detail towards the corners of the frame. The image is evenly exposed and the colours realistic however, if the overall shot is lacking a little in terms of contrast.


By comparison this shot taken from the same vantage point and at the telephoto end of the zoom is better in terms of contrast, and though a little softer overall, is still a more than acceptable result - particularly when shooting handheld as well as at a distance.


OK, so here the camera didn't have to face the challenge of dealing with subjects moving through the frame that a busy street scene would present - it handles that well too, by the way - but the WX5 has impressed us with a fairly even exposure throughout (apart from almost shooting into the sun at the far right hand corner) and a reasonably seamless panorama.


We've got tell-tale leaning/conerging verticals here that indicate we're shooting at the widest 24mm equivalent setting, rather better disguised by natural rather than man made subjects. Then again, such distortions can be used creatively to impart a sense of grandeur, as with the side wall of this church here.


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