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Sony BDP-S380 review



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Sony BDP-S380 Angle
  • Sony BDP-S380 Angle
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  • Sony BDP-S380 USB
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  • Sony BDP-S380 front view
  • S380 Blu-ray Player - Instant Internet video playback, with media remote and USB


Our Score:



  • Excellent BRAVIA Internet Video content
  • Easy to use operating system
  • Terrific picture quality


  • Wouldn’t play some hi-def video files
  • No real progress from BDP-S370
  • No DivX support

Key Features

  • Two USB ports
  • Wi-Fi ready with wireless LAN adapter
  • BRAVIA Internet Video
  • Music, video & photo playback via USB
  • Picture presets and noise reduction
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Review Price: £99.95

Sony’s BDP-S370 was one of the best budget Blu-ray players of last year, offering a number of snazzy features not always found on entry-level players, such as access to web content via Sony’s brilliant BRAVIA Internet Video. The Japanese AV behemoth follows it up this year with the BDP-S380, which looks like a similar proposition to its predecessor including its lack of support for 3D – if that’s what you’re after, you’ll need to step up to the BDP-S480, S580 or S780.

Like most players at this price point, the BDP-S380 is a slim, slinky unit that should pose no problems being slotted into a crowded AV rack. It’s designed to match Sony’s Monolithic TVs, and as such there’s a moody gloss-black fascia and a protruding lip at the bottom that sports a row of buttons. This gives it a sleek hi-tech appearance, plus the subtle white light in the centre provides extra allure. On the right hand side is a small but legible display panel and a USB port, while overall build quality is satisfying thanks to the sturdy aluminium bodywork.Sony BDP-S380 front view

Rear panel connectivity is pretty much what you expect from an entry-level player like this. There’s an HDMI output of course, which pipes those pixels to your hi-def TV and passes HD audio to your amp. It’s backed up by component, composite, analogue stereo and coaxial digital audio outputs, but there’s no optical output and no multichannel analogue outputs.

Sony BDP-S380 Connections

The Ethernet port is on hand to provide a wired connection to the internet, but thankfully the BDP-S380 supports Wi-Fi if you buy the UWA-BR100 wireless LAN adapter, and Sony has kindly put a second USB port on the back to house it.


May 20, 2011, 6:06 pm

Are you sure it doesn't support DLNA? I have a S370 and it quite happily plays media files through DLNA. In fact from what you've described there is no difference with the S370 except LACK of DLNA.... If so grab a bargain quick before they go. See for a demo of how the S370 handles DLNA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNOxg_MZfr0


May 22, 2011, 2:26 pm

I'm in the market for a new Blu-ray player and the ability to stream divx/xvid from networked PCs and provide an iPlayer client are must-haves. Looking at the new players for 2011, it strikes me that the LG bd660/670 products look very interesting. Are TR planning on reviewing either of these soon?


September 6, 2011, 7:52 pm

I've been considering getting the sony s380 bluray player after reading a review on best-bluray-player.com, but after reading Daniels review I'm thinking twice about it! I think I might go for the
panasonic dmp-bd75eb-k blu-ray player instead. I haven't checked out the LG products yet, so before making up my mind I'll check them out.

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