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Sony Alpha NEX-3 - Test shots: Zoom, Contrast and Colour

By Gavin Stocker



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Here are some general test shots taken with the NEX-3 and 18-55mm and 16mm lenses attached as stated to give an idea of performance ability when it comes to image quality, dynamic range, colour rendition and the lenses' focal range.

An image taken with the 16mm pancake lens attached which has provided a shallow depth of field to draw the eye to the natural colours of our subject, shot with the Sony on its default colour settings. If anything, colour-wise this particular image could do with being slightly warmer than it is.


More natural colours, this time with the 18-55mm test lens attached and at the wide angle end of its focal range. Detail is held well from front to back of frame. Could do with a bit more contrast perhaps, but otherwise we're happy with the NEX-3's results straight out of camera.


Again, although Sony Cyber-shot snapshot cameras have historically tended to produce colours that err on the side of being flatteringly warm, the NEX-3's performance is more akin to the natural results achievable with a digital SLR. And here with a level of detail that's also a near match for a such a camera with a physically larger lens.


And here's a daylight interior shot of the same venue. Again realistic colours and a level of detail that provides the image with sufficient 'bite' to draw the eye inwards.


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  • Value 8
  • Image Quality 9


May 16, 2011, 3:23 am

At £400 this deserved the 8 but at £400 for both lens (which is what comet where doing last week) the camera bit is essentially free with the lens and is a cracking bit of kit for that money. Having said that im looking forward to using this to mount some old minolta glass i have lying around but its nice to have 2 auto focus lenses (even if the 16 is a little suspect) to play with.

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