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Sony Alpha NEX-3 - Test shots: Detail and Lens Performance

By Gavin Stocker



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A more general selection of test shots are revealed on this page and next to act as an evaluation of the NEX-3 in a variety of shooting conditions with the 16mm and 18-55mm test lenses attached where indicated. Again we've used auto white balance and 'standard' creative style settings.


A couple of images that show the possibilities with the NEX-3 and standard 18-55mm zoom - the kind of focal range usually provided with an entry level DSLR kit - here at the widest end. We're not getting any obvious wideangle bugbears such as barrel distortion nor softening of corner detail; however there is some modest pixel fringing visible on twigs higher up our foreground tree.


And by contrast here's an example of what's achievable at the telephoto end of the zoom, shooting handheld under near perfect daylight conditions. Again not much to complain about here save for pixel fringing in the same areas.


Here we're fully zoomed in again with the 18-55mm lens on the NEX-3, to check detail. We can see the peeling paint and rusting metal of this gate nicely and colour is spot on.


And by way of comparison here is another close up shot, this time with the 16mm 'pancake' lens attached which has given us a lovely shallow depth of field, highlighting the flowers in the immediate foreground and blurring everything else to provide a magical air whilst directing viewer's attention. This sort of low to the ground shot is also where the angle adjustable LCD comes in handy.


Here's an example of the kind of panoramic achievable with the NEX-3 Sweep Panorama shooting mode, panning left to right and to seamless effect; and if you own a 3D TV you'll be able to opt to shoot and review in three dimensions too. On the camera's back screen, the shot is still viewable, but obviously only in 2D.



May 16, 2011, 3:23 am

At £400 this deserved the 8 but at £400 for both lens (which is what comet where doing last week) the camera bit is essentially free with the lens and is a cracking bit of kit for that money. Having said that im looking forward to using this to mount some old minolta glass i have lying around but its nice to have 2 auto focus lenses (even if the 16 is a little suspect) to play with.

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