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Sony A58 Deals

By Phil Hall



May 9, 2013, 6:51 pm

Looks like the predecessor, the A57, was just too good for its price and actually performed better than the A65/A77 in certain areas (e.g. noise and in low-light), thanks to the 16.1 MP APS-C sensor. It was also ahead of Canon and Nikon's equivalents at the time. I'm glad I got the A57 before SONY decided to downgrade their successor. The A57 is a really good and snappy camera with fantastic video capabilities and I think it can be found at a very reasonable price since it's getting discontinued.

I just wish I used my A57 more often though. It's not a bulky camera by any means but I've been looking for a more compact camera when going to New York in summer. The new Fuji cameras could be a good option or even SONY's own RX100 might be a good choice.

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