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Smeg DI6012



Smeg DI6012


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Five selectable wash programmes
  • Orbital wash system
  • Manufacturer: Smeg
  • Review Price: £300.00

Smeg DI6012

The Smeg DI6012 is most definitely an impressive machine. Fully integrated it can be camouflaged into any kitchen — you just pop it behind a kitchen cupboard door and no-one has to know that it’s there. But it’s not so much how it hides that’s so unusual, but how it performs.

It has a twelve place setting capacity, which is probably enough for a couple, small family or particularly industrious average family. The energy efficiency of the Smeg DI6012 is A, so it won’t guzzle up lots of energy whilst it’s running and it should mean your electricity bills stay fairly small.

You can wash the dishes inside the Smeg DI6012 on five different programmes. There’s a Normal programme for bog-standard cleaning. The Soak programme is good for if you have dishes with dried on food that is difficult to remove. The Crystal programme won’t be rough on any delicate glassware. The Eco programme will be even more eco-friendly than the Smeg DI6012 already is, and the Super programme is useful for those really, really hard to get at stains. You can use these programmes at different temperatures — 45° 55° 65° and 70°.

The technology inside the Smeg DI6012 is what allows it to clean to well. It features an orbital wash system and partial aquastop. As a cleaner it performs really well, and it’s also very easy to use. It feels nice to use as well — you can tell that there’s been thought and care put into building it.

This thought extends to the internal layout in some cases, but not all. For example, it‘s big enough to get large plates of up to 30cm in diameter in the Smeg DI6012, but then mugs and tumblers don’t fit particularly well in the top basket. Loading is a little tricky, but with such a big appliance it should be easy.