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Siemens SN65M031



Siemens SN65M031


Key Features

  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Five selectable wash programmes
  • 12 place setting capacity
  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Review Price: £460.00

Siemens SN65M031

As it’s built in, the Siemens SN65M031 won’t spoil the look of your kitchen, just pop a cupboard door on the front and no-one will even be able to tell that you have a dishwasher in there as it’ll look like just another cupboard. The stainless steel interior of the Siemens SN65M031 will then look as beautiful as the outside.

With the capacity to hold twelve place settings of cutlery and crockery, the Siemens SN65M031 is suited to big families or people who dirty lots of dishes whilst cooking. Big doesn’t necessarily mean energy guzzling, however. The Siemens SN65M031 is on the receiving end of an A* energy efficiency rating meaning that you should see a dramatic decrease in your electricity bills if you’re upgrading from an older model.

The five programmes you can find on the Siemens SN65M031 mean that you’ll always be able to get the right wash for your dishes. These five programmes are Intensive 70 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Economy 50 °C, Quick Wash 45 °C, and Pre Rinse, which gives you a good range of settings and should cope with most stains and dish cleaning needs. There’s also the varioSpeed option, which lowers cycle times (useful as otherwise they can be quite long) and a half load option for when you only have a few dishes to wash.

The inside of the Siemens SN65M031 is very customisable. The top rack is height adjustable and can be moved up and down to accommodate dishes or baking trays that are a particularly unusual shape or size. On top of this the foldable plate racks in the top and bottom basket can be folded down, as can the foldable cup shelves in the top basket.

With various bits of fancy technology such as an iQDrive motor, hydroSensor and speedMatic hydraulic system, the Siemens SN65M031 has earned its wash efficiency rating of A.