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Siemens SN26M853GB



Siemens SN26M853GB


Key Features

  • A** energy efficiency rating
  • 13 place setting capacity
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Review Price: £621.00

Siemens SN26M853GB

Dishwashers, as a rule, aren’t the most attractive things in the world. They’re big and bulky and clunky looking and generally just not that nice. The Siemens SN26M853GB totally smashes this rule, however – shiny and sleek and lovely it’s not the kind of thing you’d be desperate to hide away behind a cupboard or tucked away in a corner.

The Siemens SN26M853GB is also really energy efficient. It has an A** energy efficiency rating, which is really good and should mean that you notice your electricity bills decreasing, especially if you’re upgrading from an older model.

This scoresheet continues when you look at the ratings the Siemens SN26M853GB for its washing and drying capabilities — both score an A, which means it should perform brilliantly. Even with this rating, though, sometimes the dishes do need a little time to drip dry after washing.

If you have a big family or lots of dishes to wash, the Siemens SN26M853GB can cope with that fine. It has the capacity to wash 13 place settings in one go, which is bigger than most of the other models on the market. You can fit all these dishes into the Siemens SN26M853GB in a variety of ways as the varioFlex basket system allows for lots of customisation inside.

The top basket is height-adjustable, so you can shift it around to fit in awkward dishes, and there are six foldable plate racks in the top basket. The bottom basket has only four foldable plate racks, but it also has a glass rack. Both racks have two cup shelves, but these are both foldable if necessary. The interior also has a very fancy blue light, which you’ll either love or hate.

The Siemens SN26M853GB is easy to use (which is good because the instructions are really difficult to understand), well made and generally a good appliance.