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Sharp R959SLMA



Sharp R959SLMA


Key Features

  • 40 litre capacity
  • 900W microwave cooking power
  • 1400W Quartz grill
  • Manufacturer: Sharp
  • Review Price: £200.00

Sharp R959SLMA

The Sharp R959SLMA microwave/combination oven boasts an impressive 40 litre (1.4 cubic foot) capacity, enough to accommodate a 10lb bird, 900W of microwave cooking power, and internal shelves that allow multiple items to be cooked simultaneously.

Incorporating a 1400W Quartz grill and a 40o – 250o C convection/conventional oven, the Sharp R959SLMA’s large capacity does means that the unit leaves a relatively large footprint and this unit checks in at 55cms wide by 36.8cms tall. Be aware also that if you’re planning to recess this machine it requires a minimum of 13cm overhead clearance

As with the majority of modern microwave ovens the Sharp R959SLMA features touch controls for all of the functions – temperature settings, cook times, programmable defrost – together with a digital display, which oddly doesn’t display the time when the machine is idle. There are five power settings for greater flexibility although there is no “standard” defrost, just auto-defrost options. The controls can sometimes be a bit counter-intuitive for example, having to set the cooking time before selecting temperature and power level. There are a number of auto-cook programs together with a weight sensor that automatically calculates the weight of the food when using auto-cook.

With a maximum timer length of 99 minutes, which may be insufficient for things like casseroles, the Sharp R959SLMA features dual-cook functionality which, as its name suggests, allows both heating types to be used together, which will, for example, produce perfect jacket spuds in about 20 minutes.

The unit is primarily constructed from stainless steel, glass and ceramics and is commendably robust, apart from the wave guide which seems very fragile. The ventilation holes in the unit’s back wall can also be a bit tricky to clean.