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Sharp R27STMA



Sharp R27STMA


Key Features

  • 800W microwave cooking power
  • 22 litre capacity
  • Eight auto-cook functions
  • Manufacturer: Sharp
  • Review Price: £85.00

Sharp R27STMA

A small/mid-range machine the Sharp R27STMA delivers 800W of microwave power (no grill or conventional over functions) and a handy 22 litre (0.78 cubic foot) capacity in a unit measuring H27.5 x W46 x D38 cms. The unit has a “brushed” stainless steel finish, pull-handle door opening, push-button controls that are supplemented by an adjustment dial and a digital display. A nice touch is that the buttons and the display are inactive until the door is opened. Commendably green, but it does mean that there’s no clock.

With ten power levels, eight auto-cook functions, three express cook menus and two express defrost functions this microwave features a selection of very specialised function such as the ‘roast pork’ mode whilst allowing cook times to be set independently in 10 second increments. In all modes the performance is very good with fast, even defrosting and piping-hot food in cook mode. There are a couple of niggles about the use of the dial; it can appear as if the power is being adjusted when it’s actually the cook time. As always the advice is read the manual.

Feeling a bit flimsy and not properly constructed the stainless steel finish of the Sharp R27STMA is difficult to keep looking pristine as it shows up finger marks a bit too readily, and the door handle feels plasticy and insubstantial. The oven is also fairly lightweight and slides about on its metallised feet. The cavity walls are painted which does not sit well for long-term durability and there is a discernible low-frequency vibration that some users may find annoying.