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Sharp R270KM



Sharp R270KM


Key Features

  • 20 litre capacity
  • 800W microwave cooking power
  • Ten power settings
  • Manufacturer: Sharp
  • Review Price: £70.00

Sharp R270KM

A compact microwave oven, the Sharp R270KM features a 20 litre (0.71 cubic feet) capacity that can handle a 26cm dinner plate. The unit is microwave only (no grill or conventional oven functions) and packs 800W of power. Thanks to its compact external dimensions (W45.2 x D37 x H26.2cms), the Sharp microwave is suitable for kitchens where worktop space is at a premium. What’s more, thanks to its sleek black and silver liveries the unit looks good too.

Given the “entry level” price-point of the Sharp R270KM, it’s reasonably sophisticated with ten power levels, eight auto-cook menus, three express cook menus and two express defrost programs. Some of these programs can be a little complicated to set up, but the device scores brownie points for doing basic things simply with 1 minute at full power just two button pushes away. Whilst the timer is limited to 99 minutes, a boundary that some users may find a problem when slow cooking, annoyingly there is no clock; although there is a flashing ‘colon’, which some users may find annoying.

Weighing in at a lightweight 12kg, the Sharp R270KM tends to move about if handled robustly, an issue that is exacerbated by the hard plastic feet and push-button door release so some anti-slip matting may be recommended. Some of the materials also feel a little flimsy; not least the cavity walls which are plastic. The glass turntable is also a tad prone to becoming unseated.

There are no real issues with performance: food heats up quickly and evenly and there’s a useful reminder to tell you that it’s ready. As a compact, no-nonsense microwave this machine ticks most of the boxes.